Marvel Legends Riders Series



Black Widow

The first of the Riders series came to us in the form of Black Widow. Aside from a new costume design and two heads, this pack came with nothing other than the bike.

It was largely speculated that the additional head was based on the fact that so many people complained that the previous Retro line Black Widow release used the Mary Jane mould and therefore didn’t represent a true Black Widow figure.

The look of this set takes inspiration from the Mark Waid Black Widow #1 cover. 

Ghost Rider

If there was one character that needed a bike to complete its look its Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider and his Hell Cycle. 

The figure itself is a repaint of the recently released ‘Rhino Wave’ Ghost Rider, this time detailing the skull more and with a more classic blue look to the outfit along with his flaming chain. The bike comes with a number of attachable flame effects and looks to be based loosely on the look from the late 70’s to early 80’s comic run.

Although a certain artistic licence was used so that the mould can be reused.


Logan has a long history throughout the comics of riding motorcycles and the style of this bike works perfectly for him.

It is pretty much a repainted version of the bike we got for Ghost Rider but with the addition of saddle bags. 

The figure we get is a tank top wearing Logan along with an eyepatch wearing head that was made popular from the cover of ‘Wolverine’ issue 8 (1988) and his alter ego ‘Patch’ from the same run. 


WW2 Captain America

Much to the confusion of many collectors, this version of WW2 Cap is based on the Ultimate’s 2000-2015 run and although the series wasn’t for everyone, there is no denying that this Figure/Bike combo is really great! 

So the bike is another reissue of the cruiser style bike we have seen before but with enough changes that make it a new looking bike. It has a real war time look in the military green and has not only rear saddle bags, but also one on the front for Cap’s gun. Included in the pack is also a classic Cap shield, hand gun and knife.

Deadpool Corps

Of course Deadpool would get a Riders release and his is based on the Deadpool Corps comic book run first seen in 2010. We get a new scooter bike mould similar to the one that also shows up in the 2018 movie ‘Deadpool 2’ but is perfect for Deadpool.

Alongside a new DP figure, included in the set is a ‘Hydra Bob’ head, Dogpool and Squirrelpool making this a fun set.

There is also a sheet of stickers so that fans could customise their scooters even more.

Professor Xavier

Next in the Riders Series was Professor Xavier and his electronic hoverchair.

The history behind his chair is varied however this version is based off of the look from the 90’s run of the comics during which Xavier was injured in a fight with the Shadow King and then asked Forge to upgrade his chair to include Shi’ar technology.

The pack includes a Shadow King head (that fit the recent Kingpin BaF) a blanket for his legs and the cerebro helmet used by Charles.


The Punisher

A modern looking Punisher figure with the new ‘pinless tech’ takes inspiration from the modern run of the comics and comes with the same bike we have seen a couple of times before. Some small details and changes give it a very different look though. Most distinctively, the matt black paint and high handle bars.

As well as a number of weapons, included was the Helmet from the recent (2019) Punisher comic ‘Kill Krew’

This pack also rounded off the 1991 team up from ‘Hearts of Darkness’ along with Ghost Rider & Wolverine.

Squirrel Girl

A relatively new character who only debuted in 1991 but became a fast favourite amongst fans. Although the set doesn’t take direct inspiration from a specific issue, the scooter mould would only work for a small number of characters, Squirrel Girl being one of them.

The inclusion of a front basket and a number of her squirrel pals makes a nice addition to the set.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

On a brand new (and very unique mould) we next had the incredible looking Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is Frank Castle, in space, as Ghost Rider! Its a crazy story arc from 2018 that also has a baby Thanos….but is well worth a read.

The bike is phenomenal and comes with the orb style front wheel as well as a number of flame effects. 

The figure is very close to the look in the comic run and comes with both guns and the signature GR chain.

Also included is a small flight stand that allows for a number of dynamic poses.