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Hasbro Pulse Haslab Project 2022

GHost Rider

Engine of Vengeance

On 16th September 2022 Hasbro announced the third Marvel Legends HasLab.

They changed direction this time and instead of offering a oversized character, they offered a regular 6 inch figure complete with their vehicle. On the surface it looked great and lots of people were excited about what the potential tiers could be with many assuming it would be other Ghost Riders and their vehicles, perhaps even an updated Johnny Storm and Hell Cycle.

This was unfortunately not the case and from the offset people were publicly questioning the price point and the overall value for money.

The required backers sat in the middle of the last two projects at 9,000 minimum (14,000 for Galactus and 6,000 for the Sentinel).
The  Engine of Vengeance offered 18 total pieces for converting the car between two modes — Street Mode and Hellfire Mode. Inspired by Robbie Reyes’s car that can burst into flames of Hellfire, the vehicle comes equipped with 20 LEDs and 7 accessories designed to make the car appear to be crackling with the flames of vengeance.
It was designed at a 6-inch scale, measuring approximately 18.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall. The driver’s and passenger side doors both open and close to fit a 6-inch figure in each seat. The passenger seat was also removable to place a 6-inch figure in the backseat.
The car could only fit three standard 6-inch Marvel Legends figures inside at once but including a trunk door that opened, wheels that rolled and front wheels that could be manually turned to position the car in different ways, as well as molded details on the bottom of the car and a high-gloss shine finish.
The Street Mode version of the vehicle was inspired by the All-New Ghost Rider comics. It came with a classic silver supercharged engine that snaps into the hood of the car, as well as four standard tires made from vinyl for a realistic texture. These pieces would be used without LED effects. The tires moved and the interior of the car was all detailed, right down to the gear stick and floor mats.
In Hell fire mode there was 11 translucent Hellfire  Accessories including four transparent orange Hellfire tires and four Fire Rim accessories designed to make it look like the wheels have flames coming out of them. Two Exhaust Flame pieces could be plugged into the tailpipes for more flame effects. If you attached the flaming Hellfire Engine to the hood of the car and pressed down, LEDs would be activated for fire-inspired lights. All 11 translucent Hellfire Accessories would glow when the LEDs turn on to give the impression that the car is powered by flames from the Spirit of Eli. LEDs flicker and pulse to look like crackling fire.  In adition if you pressed down on the Hellfire Engine you could cycle through different light sequences.
For additional display capabilities,  two Brimstone Risers were included. These were unique smoke-themed ramps that would fit under either the two front or two back tires to give the impression of smoke billowing from the flaming wheels. They could also work as ramps underneath the front tires to pose the car as though it is about to take off, inspired by the car’s supernatural capabilities in the comics.
The project continued to lose backers throughout the campaign and never reached the minimum required to put it into production. When it closed on Halloween 2022 (31st of October) it only had 5060 of the required 9000 minimum.

Hell fire Mode

Street Mode

Early Bird bonus tier

Street Mode Robbie Reyes

Announced as part of the initial marketing, The Hasbro team revealed a ‘powered down’ Reyes figure that fan could get if total backers exceeded the 9,000 minimum within the first week.

This was a bold move as the civilian version of the character was needed in order to really utalise the ‘street mode’ of the car. A function that was highlighted significantly in the launch/reveal of the project.

This was removed from the offering on September 23rd as backers dint exceed the 9,000 required.

This caused many people to complain about the project and its contents and forced Hasbro to go back on their choice not to include him and instead inculde just the ‘powered down’ head sculpt and hood. Although it wasn’t the additional figure originally offered, it did mean that both modes would be valid.


The first reward tier wasn’t actually anounced first, but instead second, with a 10,000 backer requirement. This in itself was a strange way to reveal the tiers, but either way she wasn’t enough to get fand to back the project. A six inch additional figure in costume that many thought would be unobtainable in the Legends line. Although Hasbro announced that the tiers would all be related to Marvel’s ‘underworld & supernatural’, Pryor didn’t actually have any direct link to Robbie Reyes and instead was requested more by X-Men fans. Creating a split in potential backers. X-Men fans didn’t want the Haslab and Ghost Rider fans wanted something closer related to Ghost Rider.


The second reward tier was announced last, only a short while before backing closed, with a minimum of 11,000 backers needed. This tier turned out to be a digital rendering of another additional six inch figure, this time a bit closer to being Ghost Rider related as in the comics Daimon reveals himself to Johnny Blaze as his brother. However with that said, there is no Johnny Blaze attached to the project so again fans were not happy.

Tier Three - MEPHISTO

This was the first tier to be revealed with 12,000 backers needed. Teased in the original promo video for the Haslab, he is a much requested character and also related closely to the Ghost Rider comics. Many fans believe that it was intended that Mephisto was in fact the first tier and it was only due to low backing numbers that he was bumped to be the third one. Even with such a sought after character announced at the start interest was not high enough to fund the project, let alone reach this goal.