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"It's gotten to the point where anyone who hangs out in the lobby for an hour thinks they're an X-Man!"
Bobby Drake/Iceman
Uncanny X-Men 416

The X-Men were first created by artist/co-writer Jack Kirby and writer Stan Lee and debuted in September 1963 in ‘The X-Men #1‘. Since then they have gone on to be one of the most recognizable and successful franchises of Marvel Comics and have been written, drawn and inked by some of the greatest comic book creators out there. They have appeared in numerous comic books, TV shows, Movies and Video Games. Over the years they have formed various sub teams and factions and some have had multiple costume changes or adjustments.

Marvel Legends have released so many X-Men related figures it is sometimes difficult to keep up with who is out and who is still waiting on a release.

The idea behind this page was to group the X-Men figures into the different year they were released. That way hopefully any collector that is looking to complete a certain team can use this page as a reference.


The Marvel Fact Files is a publication by Eaglemoss which I have used to create a visual guide of the various X-Men teams. This will hopefully help collectors with completing their collectons. Click the button below to view. 

All rights of these images are reserved by Eaglemoss publications.

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